Company outline

Name of companyTsunashima Tatemono Co., Ltd.
Head office address3-chome, 28-1, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-0034 Japan
RepresentativePresident Yuki Senda
EstablishedDecember, 1946
Employees7 persons
License of Real Estate BusinessReal Estate Business License No.41906 issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Governor
Type of BusinessApartment rental business(short term available with hotel type services)
Office space rental, real estate consulting investment, management.
Affiliated CompanyTsunashima Co., Ltd.
Tsunashima Shouji Co., Ltd.
Tsunashima tatemono Co., Ltd.
Contact usTel: 81-(0)3-3836-0010
Fax: 81-(0)3-3836-4370
ManagementServices Apartments(in Tokyo) Elite-inn Yushima   Elite-inn Executive
Apartments(in Tokyo) Elite-inn Nido
Offices(in Tokyo) Tsunashima No.3 building


 28-1, Yushima 3-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo